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Redwood Executive Coaching provides services to help your associates quickly eliminate overwhelm, while empowering your teams to be highly productive. We are not like other coaching or leadership programs that only deliver theory and time management practices, or provide a last-ditch effort to keep a poor performer. 

We help your good people thrive and excel. We address the root cause of poor performance caused by burnout, culture or leadership. We assess, then guide you and your team through implementation of customized strategies specific to your organization to help you build a sustainable culture while retaining your key talent. 

Our Solutions

Unique Solutions to Build Sustainable Workplace Cultures
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Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is a highly customized engagement with leadership to support a People First Culture. We support you in creating an empowered sustainable culture.

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Wellbeing Box and Office Hours

A dedicated employee portal allowing associates 24/7 access to tools to help create work-life balance, personal and professional wellbeing and resilience, and burnout prevention strategies. New content is added monthly, focused specifically to your organizational needs or concerns of associates.

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Workshop Series

Our workshops are designed to go straight to the heart of your challenge. We perform a pre-engagement survey to ensure your workforce receives exactly what they need.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Your leaders are constantly challenged with managing their people in an ever changing work environment while ensuring maximum productivity and goals are met. How your leadership manages their teams has a direct impact on your bottom line.

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Our Team

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Karrie Brazaski

Burnout Recovery & Retention Strategist

Karrie Brazaski is a retention strategist, a nurse and leadership executive with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She knows first-hand how poor culture and turnover  diminishes engagement, decreases satisfaction, stalls efforts for growth, and robs a team of vital organizational history. She’s also had to deal with the immense costs of recruitment, lost productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare spend due to turnover.

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Judy Sarden

Strategic Operations Planner

Judy Sarden is a strategic planner.  She brings over 20 years of experience as a corporate attorney where she served as in-house counsel, as outside legal counsel, and in human resources roles. She has provided training to corporate human resources professionals and young attorneys.