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Unique Solutions to build sustainable workplace cultures

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Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is a highly customized engagement with leadership to support a People First Culture. We support you in creating an empowered sustainable culture.  

We support work from home to hybrid models, working parents, and diverse needs of the workforce while promoting work-life balance. We partner with you in building long term retention of your number one asset – your people!

  • Creating High Performance Cultures
  • Creating a Sustainable Resilient Workforce
  • Leading & Managing Work from Home
  • Leadership Development & Mentoring

Wellbeing Box & Office Hours

A dedicated employee portal allowing associates 24/7 access to tools to help create work-life balance, personal and professional wellbeing and resilience, and burnout prevention strategies. New content is added monthly, focused specifically to your organizational needs or concerns of associates.

Dedicated offices hours are part of the box to allow associates to seek guidance in specific areas, ask questions about tools or simply allow a time to be heard. Boxes can be designed for specific groups or the overall organization. 

  • Working Parent Wellbeing Box
  • Leadership Wellbeing Box
  • Women’s Wellbeing Box
  • Customized Box
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Workshop Series

Our workshops are designed to go straight to the heart of your challenge. We perform a pre-engagement survey to ensure your workforce receives exactly what they need.  

We provide online and in-person workshops to meet the adaptations of our changing work world. Whether it’s a 1-hour session, all day hands on meeting or a multi-day retreat, we can craft the perfect workshop solution for you and your team. 

In-depth workshops are paired with accountability and support post workshop to support full implementation, instead of only being an exchange of knowledge.  

Implementation is key to lasting results, but you don’t have to do it alone! We provide the guidance and support to help hardwire the new behaviors resulting in a truly high performance culture.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Your leaders are constantly challenged with managing their people in an ever changing work environment while ensuring maximum productivity and goals are met. How your leadership manages their teams has a direct impact on your bottom line.

We provide leadership coaching and executive coaching to your leaders. We give them the strategies to help them and their teams to achieve peak employee productivity while maximizing profits.

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