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Karrie Brazaski

Burnout Recovery & retention Strategist

Karrie Brazaski is a retention strategist, a nurse and leadership executive with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She knows first-hand how poor culture and turnover  diminishes engagement, decreases satisfaction, stalls efforts for growth, and robs a team of vital organizational history. She’s also had to deal with the immense costs of recruitment, lost productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare spend due to turnover.

As a nurse and prior hospital executive for almost 3 decades, Karrie has successfully:

  • led organizational cultural improvements
  • led teams to improve satisfaction and engagement
  • led improvements from the 1st percentiles to the 96th
  • improved overall profits and performance

Karrie has designed and implemented out of the box recruitment and retention strategies in highly competitive markets that created waiting lists of associates. Her strategies helped her organizations achieve turnover rates at half the industry norms, and led an organization to be named a “Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare.” 

Judy Sarden

Strategic Operations Planner

Judy Sarden is a strategic planner.  She brings over 20 years of experience as a corporate attorney where she served as in-house counsel, as outside legal counsel, and in human resources roles. She has provided training to corporate human resources professionals and young attorneys.

As a seasoned homeschool mom and author on the subject, Judy also brings a unique focus on helping organizations support working parents.  She helps families manage educating their kids from home while working from home, and provides actionable strategies to help working parents reduce the burnout, focus and re-engage with their work. 

Judy has worked with companies of all sizes, from employee number 18 with a startup tech company to Fortune 100 with dozens of locations. She understands how a company’s culture affects employee burnout, engagement, absenteeism and turnover. Judy works with companies at different stages of growth who face challenges with employee retention, managing work/life balance, while creating an inclusive culture. All of this while meeting the needs of a multigenerational workforce.

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